Development, prevention science and adaptation

Interdisciplinary Lab

The DePSA Lab, established and directed by Dr Natalie Castellanos-Ryan, Dr Sophie Parent and Dr Jean Séguin, is an interdisciplinary lab, located at the Ste-Justine Hospital Research Center and affiliated with both the School of Psychoeducation and the department of Psychiatry and Addictology at the University of Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


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Since 2010, the 3D study follows 2366 children since the womb to study children development. Since the beggining of 3D study, many follow-up have been carried out to assess specific aspects of child development. Two of those follow-up are done by the DePSA Lab : 3D-Transition and 3D-Transition-Ado.

QLSCD (In 2001… I was 5 years old)

For 18 years, QLSCD (In 2001… I was 5 years old) participants, their families, and their teachers participated in a variety of assessment modalities to document changes in their living conditions, cognitive development, and psychosocial and academic adjustment.

Our Team

Jean Séguin

Ph.D. Psychology

Sophie Parent

Ph.D. Psychology